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05 maggio 2007

Finaly Coloured...

(Mastro Malderius)

And here the ended job, a beautiful image of Mastro Malderius in version "comic strip".
It still misses the background, but it is already very beautiful this way.
Thanks Naè

Ed ecco qui il lavoro finito, una bellissima immagine di Mastro Malderius in versione fumetto. Manca ancora lo sfondo, ma è già bellissima così.
Grazie Naè

3 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

It is done, as promised. Still I'm a little bit reluctant because no one has ever asked me and with all the cunning stuff that there are on the web. I have faith in you and on your web site, I've linked both your website and your blog. I hope that they come visit you more often, and also myself. Arrivederci, remember that my language and your language (I belive to be Italian) are not so different, and I aprecciated you comment my post on your own mother tongue. There is another good blog for you to visit, and it is a friend of mine who visited Italy recently, it is http://peixe-de-aquario.blogspot.com/. Arrivederci

Trini! ha detto...

bel lavoro :)

Naera ha detto...

Uuuuh, eccolo finito (quasi).
Grazie a te, Maldè.